Heyy, I'm Kristina and I love to make edits, wallpapers, etc. for hockey. I could do other things than hockey, but I just love hockey and enjoy looking through all the photos. My other tumblr is www.seabs.tumblr.com and I decided to create a seperate blog for my wallpapers, and some of my edits.
Wallpapers: Open/Closed
Signs: Open/Closed
Edits: Open/Closed
Renders: Open/Closed
the new panthers

the new panthers

I’m at 78 followers :) thanks for all the new follows. I know I’ve been inactive, I promise to try and make some stuff within the next week.

i-uxta said: i still never got my computer background !

calm yourself tayer!! they take lots of thought! <3

thanks to all my new followers :DD

mimzylemimz said: i neeeeed my computer size. its pixelishhh

1440x900…that’s what i made it as….

for mi amiga mia &lt;3

for mi amiga mia <3

captureyourattention said: Heyy, I lovee your edits first of all :)
Annd, was wondering if I could get a wallpaper of Lucic or Seguin with the size of 1440 x 900.
Thankkkks. Keep up the great work eh. :D

Thanks :) I’ll get started on it soon :p

Thanks to kellyraeisaboss and zombiekat18 for the follow :)) You guys bring me to 75 followers <33



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